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Southern Africa’s Most Endangered Shark Just Extended Its Range

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(February 12, 2021) A team of marine scientists led by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in partnership with the Mozambique National Institute for Fisheries Research (IIP) has confirmed that the Critically Endangered shorttail nurse shark (Pseudoginglymostoma brevicaudatum; formerly Ginglymostoma brevicaudatum) has been found to occur in Mozambique – extending their home range more than 1,367 miles (2,200 kilometers).Known as southern Africa’s most threatened endemic shark, it is one of the s...


Niassa Special Reserve (NSR) is one of the Mozambique's best conservation area

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(February 02, 2021) According to the prestigious Africa Freak website Niassa Special Reserve is one of the Mozambique's best conservation area, ranked 68 out of 105 conservation areas in Africa.The recent publication characterises NSR in the following terms: "The largest protected wildlife area in Mozambique, Niassa Game Reserve is 42 000 km² of a diverse and ever-changing landscape. With a massive population of wild dogs, it is one of Africa’s top nature reserves to witness...


Niassa Special Reserve offer material for prevention of Covid-19

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(November 20, 2020) The Niassa Special Reserve Administration (NSR), through its Community Department, delivered 100 masks, liquid soap and water buckets with taps to the children of the Primary School of Lishenguwe, in the Mecula District (inside of the Reserve), in Niassa Province.It should be noted that this education unit was closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and recently reactivated its activities for 7th Grade students.In the picture, the Director of the Primary School of Lishenguwe (left) receiving the mat...


The European Union (EU) signs a project with Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) to prevent illicit supply chains of wildlife in Niassa Special Reserve

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(November 20, 2020) The Head of Cooperation of the European Union Delegation to Mozambique, Isabel Faria de Almeida, and the Program Director of Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Nilton Cuna, signed a 4.4 M EUR (EU financing 83 percent) project aiming at disrupting illicit supply chains of wildlife in Niassa Special Reserve, the largest conservation area in Mozambique. This event took place in the city of Lichinga on the 19th November. Photo: Nilton Cuna (left) and Isabel Faria de Almeida posed for the phot...


WCS Mozambique says goodbye to James Bampton

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(November 05, 2020) WCS Mozambique said goodbye on November 4 to Mr. James Bampton, who has been the Director of WCS Mozambique for the past 4 years.James Bampton ends his work mission at WCS Mozambique in a period that is essentially marked by the non-registration of elephant poaching in the last 30 months in the Niassa Special Reserve.In their farewell message, employees praised Mr. James Bampton's excellent professionalism and for being responsible for the growth of WCS programs in Mozambique. For his part, Jame...


President of Mozambique decorates Carlos Lopes Pereira with the “ENVIRONMENT MERIT MEDAL”.

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(September 28, 2020) The President of Mozambique, Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, awarded this Friday, September 25th, Dr. Carlos Manuel Cipriano Lopes Pereira, with the “Environment Merit Medal”, in recognition of the role that he plays in rehabilitation and development conservation areas, namely, in studies and processes for reintroducing animals in National Parks and Reserves, mitigating the conflict between human and wildlife, as well as combating poaching and trafficking in wildlife products.  At the age...


Cold burns in Niassa Special Reserve

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(September 08, 2020) Fire can be necessary and natural to an ecosystem, but when there is too much natural fuel in a forest, the risk of large uncontrollable fires increases, putting both the ecosystem and neighboring communities in danger. Cold burns, also referred to as controlled or prescribed burns, are a method used to reduce undergrowth and natural fuels in forests, thus reducing the risk of larger fires starting and damaging an ecosystem and communities. In July, Administração Nacional...


Wildlife Rangers Are Our Heroes

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(August 03, 2020) At a time when environmental protection has never been more important for the future of our planet, the jobs of rangers have arguably never been as vital or dangerous. And yet ask someone to name a well-known ranger, and most will struggle. On World Ranger Day, we want to put names and faces to just a few of these men and women who work under extraordinary pressure, in often dangerous terrain, for little pay, glory or security, to protect wild habitats and wild creatures in the face of ever grow...


Virtual photographic exhibition of underwater life in Mozambique to celebrate World Oceans Day

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(July 06, 2020) With more than 2,700km of coastline, Mozambique is home to one of the most diverse marine life spots in the world and is recognized for having 9 out of 21 sites of recognized ecological importance in the East Africa region and 2 out of 36 marine life biodiversity hotspots.The main coastal ecosystems include mangrove forests, estuaries, seagrass beds, coral reefs and wetlands that support high biodiversity, high endemism and endangered species: sharks and rays, more than 350 species of molluscs, ...


World Environment Day at Niassa Special Reserve

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(June 05, 2020) The Niassa Special Reserve celebrated today, 5th of June, the World Environment Day, under the theme “We will conserve biodiversity to guarantee the life of Planet Earth”.The central celebrations took place in the village of Nampequesso, Mecula District, in Nissan Province and were guided by the Administrator of the District of Mecula, Mr. Armindo Bindo, having also counted on the presence of the Warden of the National Special of Niassa, Nilton Cuna, the Program Director, Local Leade...


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