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First Niassa Special Reserve Science Meeting and Miombo Network Meeting: from science to miombo woodlands management

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(June 04, 2021) The Faculty of Agronomy and Forestry Engineering (FAEF), from Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM), has been leading the Miombo Regional Network since 2011. The MN is composed of scientists from several countries in Africa, Europe and the United States. At the same time, FAEF has been leading a research program on fires and the dynamics of miombo woodlands in the Niassa Special Reserve, for more than 15 years. Thus, an event was held that brought together scientists from the Miombo Network an...


Another joint Human wildlife conflict mitigation team is set up.

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(June 01, 2021) Last week, another Human wildlife conflict mitigation team (HWC) was formed in Marrupa, which is integrated by the Niassa Special Reserve (NSR), Mozambique Republic Police (PRM) and District Services for Economic Activities (SDAE) which will work to scare away wild animals to communities in the buffer zone, in the District of Marrupa.   During the meeting, scare kits were handed out to the SDAE's (firecrackers, horns, torches and reflective tapes). It should be noted that this is the seco...


Official launch of the Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) in Mozambique

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(May 20, 2021) The Minister of Land and Environment, Ivete Maibaze, leads tomorrow, 21st May 2021, at 09:00 AM, in Maputo City, the ceremony for the Official Launch of Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) in Mozambique.KBAs are sites that contribute significantly to the persistence of global biodiversity in terrestrial, freshwater, marine and groundwater systems and are identified based on a set of international scientific criteria. The identification and mapping activity of the twenty-nine (29) KBAs was undertaken a...


Afonso Madope is the new Country Director of the Wildlife Conservation Society Mozambique

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(April 09, 2021) Afonso Madope is the new national director of the Wildlife Conservation Society Mozambique (WCS), the first Mozambican to hold the position. In his new role, Madope brings a life dedicated to conservation matters and extensive experience in the field.Afonso Madope is a Mozambican conservation and biodiversity expert with 30 years of experience in advancing conservation initiatives throughout Mozambique. Dr. Madope worked 9 years at Office Forestry and Wildlife at the Ministry of Agriculture, fir...


WCS Mozambique awarded a SOFAR Trident ROV

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(April 09, 2021) WCS Mozambique was recently awarded a SOFAR Trident ROV. The plan is to use this modern tool to support our fieldwork, primarily on coral reefs. The ROV is useful to save time while performing visual assessment of both known reefs (monitoring) or new reefs (exploration), as well as help us define new areas of interest for MPAs. Exploring deep reefs where diving is more complicated is made easy by the ROV, which can go up to 50m depth. So far, we have tested the ROV in the Primeiras e Segund...


Poacher sentenced to 16 years in prison due crimes against wildlife in Niassa Special Reserve

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(April 01, 2021) A mozambican citizen, André Mariano Baridi, 31, from Mueda District, was sentenced yesterday by the Judicial Court of Cabo Delgado Province to 16 years, accused of crimes against wildlife committed in the Niassa Special Reserve (NSR), in 2020.André Baridi (in the middle)The trial held on 25th March this year was based on the indictment of the crime of poaching in the form of attempted trapping. The citizen was captured carrying hunting implements and mechanical traps for large anim...


Training of the Mozambican Focal Points of the international biodiversity conventions and initiatives and other key partners

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(March 08, 2021) The National Institute for Fisheries Research (IIP) and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) are promoting a training session for Mozambican focal points of the international biodiversity conventions and initiatives ratified by the country and for several key government partners. This takes place online, from 4 to 10 March, and is being attended by 30 Mozambican technicians, with the aim of providing them with information relevant to the functions they perform related to multilateral environm...


Southern Africa’s Most Endangered Shark Just Extended Its Range

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(February 12, 2021) A team of marine scientists led by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in partnership with the Mozambique National Institute for Fisheries Research (IIP) has confirmed that the Critically Endangered shorttail nurse shark (Pseudoginglymostoma brevicaudatum; formerly Ginglymostoma brevicaudatum) has been found to occur in Mozambique – extending their home range more than 1,367 miles (2,200 kilometers).Known as southern Africa’s most threatened endemic shark, it is one of the s...


Niassa Special Reserve (NSR) is one of the Mozambique's best conservation area

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(February 02, 2021) According to the prestigious Africa Freak website Niassa Special Reserve is one of the Mozambique's best conservation area, ranked 68 out of 105 conservation areas in Africa.The recent publication characterises NSR in the following terms: "The largest protected wildlife area in Mozambique, Niassa Game Reserve is 42 000 km² of a diverse and ever-changing landscape. With a massive population of wild dogs, it is one of Africa’s top nature reserves to witness...


Niassa Special Reserve offer material for prevention of Covid-19

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(November 20, 2020) The Niassa Special Reserve Administration (NSR), through its Community Department, delivered 100 masks, liquid soap and water buckets with taps to the children of the Primary School of Lishenguwe, in the Mecula District (inside of the Reserve), in Niassa Province.It should be noted that this education unit was closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and recently reactivated its activities for 7th Grade students.In the picture, the Director of the Primary School of Lishenguwe (left) receiving the mat...


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