Counter-Wildlife Trafficking

Conservation Challenges

Coverage limited to Southern region of Mozambique.

Conservation Approach

Partnership between WCS and PPF allowed to target the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area (GLTFCA)— comprising Kruger National Park (KNP) in South Africa, Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe, Limpopo National Park (LNP) and the Greater Libombos Conservancy (GLC) in Mozambique.


Establish trilateral cooperation between the governments of Viet Nam, Mozambique, and South Africa to investigate and prosecute wildlife crimes;

Enhance information sharing between the Governments of Viet Nam, Mozambique, and South Africa;

Seek closer cooperation by strengthening and improving existing legal coordinating mechanisms.


Counter-Wildlife Trafficking

Act 1.1: Deployment of a Security Coordinator to strengthen implementation of the Kruger, Limpopo, Greater Libombos Joint Security Plan;

Act 1.2: Annual meeting for Viet Nam and South Africa on the Transnational Crime Prevention Treaty/MLAT implementation;

Act 1.3: Annual meetings between Viet Nam and Mozambique on progress towards combatting transnational organized crime and MLAT implementation;

Act 1.4: Collaborative capacity-building for prosecutors and police from Mozambique using expertise from Viet Nam and WCS;

Act 2.1: Deployment of Vietnamese Liaison Officers in Mozambique and South Africa to facilitate transcontinental coordination and information sharing;

Act 2.2: Annual situational analysis on transnational wildlife trafficking for all three countries;

Act 2.3: Facilitate sharing of DNA sample from seized rhino horns in Viet Nam with South Africa;

Act 3.1: Revise the procedural and legislative framework for joint operations between South Africa and Mozambique;

Act 3.2: Facilitate the signing of MLATs between Viet Nam and South Africa and Viet Nam and Mozambique, and the Viet Nam-South Africa Transnational Crime Prevention treaty.


 Less use of the amount addressed to the PPF Subaward;

COVID-19 pandemic; 

Weak sharing of information from VietNam Government.


Cooperation mechanisms (i.e., MOUs and treaties) established between the Governments of South Africa, Mozambique and Viet Nam; Increasing of arrests on IWT;  Increasing of sharing information.  

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