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James Bampton
Country Director
James Bampton serves as Country Director, Mozambique at WCS. Jim grew up on a farm in England, and since completing his Bachelor degree in Pure and Applied Biology and Masters in Forestry and its Relation to Land Use at the University of Oxford has focused on international natural resource conservation and management around the world, after experiencing a year as a volunteer on an agroforestry project in Colombia and another on a genetic conservation project in Honduras. He started his professional career by returning to Latin America with DFID, working on community-based buffer-zone management around the transboundary Awá Reserve in northern Ecuador, before moving to work with SOS Sahel in Eritrea in the Western Lowland riverine forests. From there he moved to the heart of the Brazilian Amazon for DFID again, where he first got to work with WCS in the Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve. Since then, Jim has mostly worked in Asia—initially with DFID in Nepal and then for RECOFTC – the Center for People and Forests – firstly in Cambodia as the Country Representative and then as overall Program Coordinator working out of Thailand tasked with establishing and overseeing new country programs in 6 other RECOFTC focal countries. Jim’s interest in Africa has remained throughout his time in Asia, and since leaving RECOFTC and working as a consultant he undertook some work in Mozambique among other countries, which he has been targeting as a place to work due to his Portuguese language skills. Jim joined WCS Mozambique in May 2017.
Carlos Manuel Lopes Pereira
Technical Director, Maputo Office
Carlos Lopes Pereira, is a Mozambican National, who studied Veterinary Medicine in Mozambique and then received specialized in veterinary epidemiology (MSc.) and wildlife in Edinburgh (Scotland), Utrecht (Holland), Skukuza (Kruger National Park- South Africa) and Malilangwe (Zimbabwe). He has been working with wildlife for more than 25 years. He carried out the first known reintroduction of animals in a Conservation Area in Mozambique after Independence. For 6 years from 2005-2011 he headed the Conservation Department in Gorongosa National Park, including responsibility for law enforcement, the wildlife sanctuary and all wildlife veterinary matters. He is married with Dagmar and has one daughter. After leaving the Gorongosa Restoration project he started working for the National Directorate of Conservation areas in the Ministry of Tourism (today National Administration of Conservation Areas - ANAC, within the Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development) initially to facilitate the management transition of Niassa National Reserve. In late 2012 he joined WCS permanently as part of the team co-managing Niassa Reserve, and to work on national wildlife anti-trafficking. Since February 2015 Carlos has been seconded from WCS to ANAC as the National Director of Law Enforcement and Anti-Poaching.
Nilton Cuna
Program Director, NNR Administration
Nilton Cuna Studied Tourism Management at the Eduardo Mondlane University - Mozambique. His interest in conservation began with his flower culture business and was complemented in Bazaruto National Park and Niassa Reserve. Nilton has worked in Niassa National Reserve with the previous NNR management authority (SGDRN), first in the Community Assistance Program, then as the Logistics Department Manager, and he also assisted the tourism monitoring program. Nilton started with WCS Mozambique in late 2012 and helped to establish the country program and the Maputo Office and support the Niassa Reserve Program as the Logistics and Procurement Manager for the country program. In July 2018 Nilton returned to Niassa Reserve in an important step up to lead the WCS team managing this unique and spectacular reserve as Program Director.
Hugo Costa
COMBO Project Director - Mozambique, Maputo Office
Hugo Costa has a degree in Zoology and a Master in Environmental Impact Assessment. He has over 15 years of professional experience, having participated in projects in Mozambique, South Africa, Angola, Portugal, Poland, Finland and Venezuela. He is currently the COMBO Project Manager for Mozambique. Hugo has in his background 11 years experience in managing biodiversity consultancy companies in Europe and Africa. He has undertaken environmental consultancy services in several areas, having conducted and/or coordinated over 500 biodiversity monitoring programmes, assessments and plans for different types of projects such as wind farms, dams, power lines, power stations, pipelines, roads, railways, oil & gas, mining, solar and wave energy projects, agriculture, forestry, ports, industry, among other infrastructure. Additionally, Hugo has participated in mitigation and offset programmes, identification and valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services, conservation programmes, climate change adaptation, biodiversity action plans and management planning. Besides consultancy and technical-scientific advisory Hugo is co-author of 1 book, 12 peer-reviewed scientific papers and 16 technical papers.
Franziska Steinbruch
Director, Department of Conservation, Tourism & Community Development, NNR Administration
Dr. Franziska Steinbruch began her professional career in geosciences in Germany in 1989. In 2004 she enrolled as an external PhD student at TU Bergakademie Freiberg completing her dissertation in 2011. She moved to Mozambique in 1999 and worked as Project Coordinator and from 2004 as Technical Coordinator with the Centre of Geographic Information at the Catholic University of Mozambique. She prepared the foundations for the establishment of masters’ programs on land planning and GIS & remote sensing. In 2006 she joined Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique coordinating hydrological monitoring and data & information management. In 2008 she became Head of Scientific Service of Gorongosa National Park and implemented first environmental monitoring systems, provided baseline materials for planning and engagement with park surrounding communities, and decision support to all park management departments. In September 2012 she joined the Centre of Studies, Innovation and Advanced Education at Zambeze University in Mozambique engaging in teaching of master's students and research. In 2014 she became Long-term Visiting Professor with Indo-German Centre for Sustainability at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras in Chennai, India, responsible for teaching, research and Indo-German exchange on topics of Sustainable Water Resources Management. Her research dealt with micropollutants in the aquatic environment and urban wetland restoration. She returned in 2016 to Mozambique as volunteer Advisor to the Regional Water Administration of Central Mozambique within the GIZ GmbH Project on climate change adaptation.
Francisco Cabo
Communication Manager
Francisco is graduated in Tourism Management from Eduardo Mondlane University – Mozambique and Master in Transport Management from Brasilia University – Brazil. Prior to joining WCS, Francisco worked as a Tourism Lecturer at Eduardo Mondlane and São Tomás Universities, with a focus on tourist marketing. He has a specific interest in tourist planning and its communication and business interfaces. He worked as a consultant for the Ministry of Education to develop ecotourism manuals for the 8th and 9th classes of general secondary education. From 2014 to 2018 he headed the Civil Aviation Authority’s air transport economics department and developed projects such as liberalization of air transport and licensing of new air transport operators in Mozambique. Francisco started with WCS Mozambique in early 2018 as Business Development Manager for Niassa National Reserve. In early 2019 he switched to become Communication Manager, working out of the Maputo office to give more exposure to all WCS Mozambique programs and to attract more investors and donors.
David Chambal
Research Coordinator, Maputo Office
David has an Honours Degree in Tourism Planning, and is completing an MBA in International Business. He was the Assistant Head of Operations in Niassa National Reserve with the previous NNR management authority (SGDRN). David first started working with WCS Mozambique in 2014 as the Operations Manager for the Mozambique national elephant count. From 2015 he has been working full-time as a Research Coordinator.
Herculano Ernesto
Manager, Community Development, NNR Administration
Herculano Ernesto serves as Community Development Manager for the Niassa National Reserve Administration. Herculano has 20 years of experience in the Design and Implementation of Integrated Community Development and Teaching Programs. He has a degree in Biology and a Master Program in Environmental Citizenship and Participation by the Open University of Lisbon in progress. His professional experience in both environmental management and community relations includes working in Leading International Conservation Organizations such as WWF and the Gorongosa National Park Restoration Project. Herculano joined to WCS in October 2017 where work as the Niassa National Reserve Community Program Manager with the responsibility of leading the community team, promoting the institutional capacity building of communities residing in the Niassa National Reserve, establishing and/or reactivate community-based organizations, promote sustainable income generation activities, maintain positive and productive relationships with all strategic partners, coordinate planning, monitor and report activities.
Belmiro Jaime
Manager, Finance, NNR Administration
Belmiro Jaime serves as the Finance Manager for the Niassa National Reserve Administration. Graduated in Accounting and Auditing, with 14 years of work experience in national and foreign NGOs. Belmiro joined WCS in 2017 to work as an Accountant in Niassa National Reserve and since 2018 he is the Financial Manager.
Peter Trevor
Operations & Logistics Director, NNR Administration
Peter Trevor is Kenyan and raised in Tsavo National Park. He studied in Kenya and the UK. He has worked primarily in the bush in East Africa. In 1998 he moved from Kenya to Tanzania, remaining until 2015 working in the conservation, security and logistics management fields leading operations in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, DRC and Central African Republic. In 2016 he joined the Laikipia Nature Conservancy in Kenya as the Manager, until December 2017 when he joined WCS in the Niassa National Reserve, Mozambique. Peter Trevor is the Operations and Logistics Manager at the Niassa National Reserve Administration where he oversees aviation, infrastructure, logistics and camp management, and fleet and workshop.

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