To ensure the future well-being of Mozambican citizens, where most depend directly on ecosystem services for their survival, it is necessary to find ways to retain and conserve the country's richness and biological diversity.

Various initiatives set out guidance to help ensure that the tools to inform the policies and actions of governments, international agencies, the public sector, private sector and non-governmental organizations in favor of biodiversity conservation are available. One such initiative is the IUCN global Red List of Threatened Species/ ecosystems aids the identification of species/ecosystems most under threat of extinction, so that authorities can target conservation efforts to where they are most needed. Another initiative is the Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs), which allow to identify sites of importance for the global persistence of biodiversity, thereby avoiding or minimising negative impacts on global biodiversity and ensuring their persistence. KBAs are potential candidate areas for formal protection. This aspect is even more critical as KBAs are assuming an increasingly important role in the new global biodiversity strategy for 2020-2030, to the point that some donors only fund the creation of new protected areas if they are KBAs (e.g. Global Environmental Fund - GEF).

In Mozambique WCS is supporting the government to apply these tools (KBAs and Red List of Species and Ecosystems) to assess the biodiversity conservation status, and to identify areas that ensure the persistence of this biodiversity, Including using this information to inform the analysis for strategic expansion of Marine Protected Areas, in order to support Mozambique in achieving the established targets in terms of coverage of the network of Marine Protected Areas.



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