Americo Sarmento
HR Manager
Americo Sarmento serves as HR Manager at Niassa Special Reserve. Americo Sarmento completed his degree in business management and specialization in Strategic Human Resource Management. In addition to his teaching career, Américo Sarmento began his professional career working at CFM – Port and railway company as human resource generalist. Then, from 2005 to 2014, he worked at Vale Mozambique in the human resources area where, among various duties, he was a training and development manager In 2015 he started working at CDN - Northern Development Corridor where, in addition to being responsible for the training and development process, he was also responsible for the recruitment and selection process. In 2017 until May 2019 he started to work at Heineken Mozambique where he was performance and organizational development Manager. From June 2019 to February 2020 was working and human resource consultant at Atittude and from March 2020 he started to work for WCS, based in Niassa Special Reserve.
Jose Filimao Sitoe
Law Enforcement Officer
Jose Filimao Sitoe serves as Law Enforcement Officer at WCS.
Joao Paulo Martins Alfaica
Infrastructure Manager
João Paulo Martins Alfaica serves as Infrastructure Development Manager for the Niassa National Reserve Administration. Joao Paulo Martins Alfaica, a native of the City of Quelimane, living in Quelimane in the Zambezia Province. He is a Technical of Civil Construction in the Specialty of Construction and Hydraulics, by the Industrial Institute of Maputo in 1996. I have worked for several years as a contractor and Public Works Consultant, I worked for several non governmental organizations: IRD - Mozambique with Hydraulic District Coordinator in the OGUMANIA SCIP Consortium project led by the World Vision. I worked for the World Vision in the project Spon - Sponsoring the Child as Civil Construction Officer., Save the Children International as Water and Sanitation Coordinator (Wash - Emergency) in an emergency program, I worked for Solidar med, as General Manager of Logistics and Construction in support of the Health sector.
Sebastiao Tome Saize
LE Operations
Sebastiao Tome Saize serves as LE Operations at WCS. Sebas has been with WCS Mozambique since late 2012, first as an assistant instructor in Niassa Reserve, and more recently as the Chief Scout. He previously worked at Gorongosa National Park where he was responsible for law enforcement in the wildlife sanctuary.
Antonio Mugeque Chico Sitole
Graduated in Law on Eduardo Mondlane University and registered as a lawyer at the Mozambican Bar Association since 2008. From 2013 to 2017 he served as Lawyer and Legal Adviser at AS LEGAL CONSULTING GROUP. From 2016 to 2019 he was Legal Advisor to the City Council of Pemba in the areas of Administrative, Civil, Environmental, Land and Criminal Law. Antonio Mugeque Chico Sitole serves as Law Enforcement Lawyer at WCS since 2019.
Chabane Rajabo
Procurement Manager, NNR Administration
Chabane started his career in logistics with high school where he gained passion for the area and did the first steps in his career,. In 2000 he graduated in Political History and Public Management and later completed a master's degree in Business Management Administration at Catholic University of Mozambique. In 2017 he joined WCS to serve as Procurement Manager for the Niassa National Reserve Administration.
Cipriano Martinho
Conservation Agriculture & Food Security Officer
Cipriano Martinho serves as Community sustainable development manager at WCS. Cipriano Martinho is a Mozambican with a Master's degree in Soil and Water Management, emphasis on Environmental Agrobiology, from the Public University of Navarra, in Spain since 2012. Agronomist with more than 25 years of experience, he has a long professional history in the programs implementation related to the transfer of agricultural technologies, research for development, agribusiness, associations, agricultural input markets and inclusive marketing, agricultural technologies resilient to climate change and promotion of sustainable livelihoods in communities. Having worked during these years with national and international NGOs, the public and private sector in central and northern Mozambique, helped Cipriano to build a large network of horizontal and vertical professionals, an important factor in promoting partnerships. However, he has successfully explored community development project management tools, team leadership, development project design, strategic planning for lobbying and advocacy for small farmers. In fact, before joining the WCS team in the Niassa Special Reserve, he identified himself with the promotion of local initiatives for the development and diffusion of skills for small farmers in the context of sustainable livelihoods, in line with the legislation that regulates community rights in land and natural resource areas.
Sonia Manjate
Sonia Manjate serves as Accountant at Niassa Special Reserve. Sonia Manjate complete tecnicall accountant school in Lichinga, worked all professional life us account in differenty company ONG and privant Companys.
Alberto Muchanga
Intelligence Database Analyst
Alberto Muchanga serves as Intelligence Database Analyst at WCS. Alberto Muchanga completed his degree in Forest Engineering at Lurio University and before he joined the Conservation program he was coordinating in a national dissemination program of Irish potato varieties in six agro-ecologic zones in Mozambique. Thus, there were challenges in making the decision to officially register these varieties in full and to be included in the list of varieties grown in the country. He later joined the Niassa Special Reserve (NSR) an Analyst with WCS Niassa Program helping to maintain, develop and keep secure an intelligence database and management system so as to support Law Enforcement operations, investigations and court cases by analyzing and supplying the necessary information. In an area as large as NSR, success in combatting wildlife crime requires an intelligence led law enforcement operations. His role is to collate, manage and analyze all information relating to wildlife crimes affecting NSR, which will be used to inform more targeted and effective law enforcement operations.
Valdemar Jonasse
Ecological and LE Monitoring Coordinator
Valdemar Jonasse serves as SMART Technician at WCS. Valdemar Jonasse, graduated in Forest Engineering from Lúrio University - Mozambique. Joined WCS - NNR at the end of 2016 as a SMART Technician.

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