Carlos António Uanicela Vilanculo
Green Economy Coordinator
Carlos António Uanicela Vilanculo serves as Green Economy coordinator at WCS. Carlos António Uanicela Vilanculo completed his master course in Rural Sociology and Development Management at Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo, Mozambique. He is a rural development practitioner with 17 years of professional experience in the field of local economic development and social protection, with focus on economic strenghtening of rural households. He has worked with UNDP, World Bank and mozambican public institutions in the promotion of income generation initiatives in Mozambique. His main qualifications include value chains analysis and development, business planning and management and promotion of business linkages.
Eusébio Celestino
Safeguards & Gender Coordinator
Eusébio Celestino serves as Social and Gender Safeguard Coordinator at WCS. Eusébio Celestino, has completed degree in Sciences of Communication for Community Development, Post graduate study-Latu sensu, Faculty of Forest Sciences and Nature Conservation with knowlages in Biodiversity Survey Methods, Sanitary Biology, Ecological Restoration, Water Resources Management, Management of Natural Spaces and Community Development. Now finishing Master in Territorial Planing and Biodiversity Conservation. More than 10 years he did works in Conservation areas (Quirimbas and Chimanimani), he had opportunity to be a Senior Officer in Social and Environment Safeguards-Chimanimani Landscape and he had oportunity to be Head of Department of Conservation, Tourism and Community Development-Quirimbas National Park. He was also a lead of task force to Recategorization process of the Quirimbas National Park to a Biosphera Reserve-UNESCO (2017). He has interesting in study the Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on Small and Large Mammalian species.
Tonga Nharongue Torcida
CBNRM Coordinator
Tonga Nharongue Torcida serves as CBNRM at WCS. Tonga Torcida holder of Bachelor degree in Wildlife Management from the College of African Wildlife Management Mweka (CAWM)-Tanzania, started as trainee in the tourism industry as assistant safari Guide and Research assistant for Gorongosa Restoration Project and later awarded a scholarship to pursue an Ordinary diploma in Wildlife Management at CAWM, after returning Tonga worked as ranger specifically on monitoring carnivores to understand their ecology in the greater Gorongosa Ecosystem (dietary, activity pattern monitoring and conduct patrols) and tracking carnivores by the use of telemetries and radio). Additionally Tonga worked and assisted of the world re-known professor from Harvad University on conducting BioBlitz on Mount Gorongosa, the first ecologist for gorongosa and Etosha `national park for revising the park boundarie and produce wildlife documentaries as co-author such as the 'The GUIDE, A NOSSA FAMILIA LEONINA, AFRICA THE FUTURE'. Right after completed the degree Tonga was appointed as the conservation manager for C12 where he converted the area into a total conservation area from partial conservation area. From their Tonga was appointed as a liaison officer for gorongosa park, local communities, district government and stakeholders for the sustainable development department to lead the process of the community engagement and community conservation between these institutions. Later Tonga was offered another position by WWF MCO/TRAFFIC position as Wildlife Trade Officer and after one month Tonga was promoted as Wildlife Tarde Officer and Organizational Development Manager to understand the dynamics of illegal wildlife trade within the Greater Limpopo Trans frontier Conservation Area, in Mozambican boarders land, sea and airports, in partnership with the National Administration of Conservation Areas, Criminal Investigation Police and Law Enforcement Agencies with the ultimate goal of reducing demand on wildlife products for cross boader and finally to fulfill the needs of the office in terms of staff development, capacity building and trainings.
Fernando Manuel Nhanala
Finance Manager
Fernando Manuel Nhanala serves as Accountant at WCS. Fernando Manuel Nhanala, account technician with a Bacholer degree, working in the area for more than 17 years, I worked at Steinhoff, mattress factory in Machava, Home center, at Kudumba Investment, at Majoch , at Limpopo National Park, and Maputo National Parque hired by the Peace parks Foundation, having worked for 12 years as senior accountant at Limpopo National Park and administrative Financial officer at Maputo National Park.
Inacio Victor
MEAL Coordinator
Inacio Victor serves as Meal Coordinator at WCS. Inácio Victor , Degree in Statistics Information Management and Master in Public Health and Health Management Policies has experience in the field of community development, humanitarian aid and emergencies, which are directed in the scope of project management and monitoring, evaluation and learning of NGO projects in various thematic areas such as water and sanitation, community health, organic agriculture, post-harvest management agriculture, Life skills and promotion of employment and self-employment for disadvantaged youth, emergency education, public health * water sanitation menstrual management , reproductive health and gender promotion* water and sanitation in an emergency context , water, sanitation and nutrition in an emergency context, water and sanitation food in an emergency context,Local Urban Development and Human Capital Development projects, he has worked as an Assistant, Officer, Advisor, Manager, and specialist in Monitoring and Evaluation.
Maria Angela Da Conceicao Carlos Vicente
NSR Engagement Coordinator
Maria Angela Da Conceicao carlos Vicente serves as NSR Engagement Coordinator at WCS. Maria Vicente completed a Degree in AgriBusiness and Rural Development with sikills in Farmer agrobuzness mobilization ensuring gender inclusion. Before coming to WCS she worked as a Gender and livelehood Coordinator in Nacala district on a iDE-ProMARE project.
Oldemiro Escrivão
MER Coordinator
Oldemiro Escrivão serves as MER Coordinator at WCS. Oldemiro Escrivão completed a Master's Degree in Business Administration and a Degree in Actuarial Sciences with skills in Mathematics and Esctatistica. Before coming to wcs he worked as a Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator in Sofala Province on a USAID project.
Sofia André Nhalungo
Tourism officer
Sofia André Nhalungo serves as Tourism officer at WCS. Sofia André Nhalungo has a degree in Ecology and Conservation of Terrestrial Biodiversity from Eduardo Mondlane University. After her graduation she was the beneficiary of an internship as part of a Mozambique Conservation Leadership Programme in the National Administration of Conservation Areas. Her performance led her to assume, after the end of the program, the position of Technician of Tourism and Licensing, whose main focus was on Sport hunting tourism. She is fascinated by animal behavior and its relation with atropogenic disturbances and has developed as part of her master's degree course a study in Niassa Special Reserve about the effect of tourism on the behavior and population structure of impalas. She is interested in developing and publishing more scientific research in the behavioral ecology area.
Vicente Ernesto Cossa
Assistant of Procurement
Vicente Ernesto Cossa serves as Assistant of Procurement at WCS. Vicent Ernesto Cossa, Completed Secondary School Mecula High School, in the Province of Niassa, in the year 2012. Vicente started working in WCS as a Procurement Assistant.

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