Alberto Muchanga
Intelligence Database Analyst
Alberto Muchanga serves as Intelligence Database Analyst at WCS. Alberto Muchanga completed his degree in Forest Engineering at Lurio University and before he joined the Conservation program he was coordinating in a national dissemination program of Irish potato varieties in six agro-ecologic zones in Mozambique. Thus, there were challenges in making the decision to officially register these varieties in full and to be included in the list of varieties grown in the country. He later joined the Niassa Special Reserve (NSR) an Analyst with WCS Niassa Program helping to maintain, develop and keep secure an intelligence database and management system so as to support Law Enforcement operations, investigations and court cases by analyzing and supplying the necessary information. In an area as large as NSR, success in combatting wildlife crime requires an intelligence led law enforcement operations. His role is to collate, manage and analyze all information relating to wildlife crimes affecting NSR, which will be used to inform more targeted and effective law enforcement operations.
Valdemar Jonasse
Ecological and LE Monitoring Coordinator
Valdemar Jonasse serves as SMART Technician at WCS. Valdemar Jonasse, graduated in Forest Engineering from Lúrio University - Mozambique. Joined WCS - NNR at the end of 2016 as a SMART Technician.
Samuell Bilério
Human Wildlife Conflict Officer
Samuell Bilério serves as Human Wildlife Mitigation conflit officer at WCS. "Samuell Bilério, is a Mozambican National graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the Faculty of Veterinary, Eduardo Mondlane University in Mozambique. He always had such interested in conservation, where in 2016 he attended a 4-month pre-professional internship at Gorongosa National Park, to gain more professional technical skills, in management of conservation areas in Mozambique. During his professional career, he carried out various conservation-related activities in some of Mozambique's conservation areas such as the Maputo Special Reserve and Ponta D’Ouro Partial Marine Reserve. So during the 2018-2019 season, he worked at Limpopo National Park in the Greater Limpopo Carnivore Programme-Panthera (Limpopo National Park, Mpuze Fazenda do Bravio and Banhine National Park), doing more law enforcement, wildlife technology and veterinary work for the Limpopo Lion Protection Unit, human wildlife-coexistence, Game capture, wildlife translocations. Therefore, in 2020 he had opportunity to visit Niassa Special Reserve, doing survey for Traffic, where he increased his passion of Niassa landscape. In July of 2020, he joined to WCS as Human Wildlife Mitigation Conflict Officer.
Angelina Mario
Human Resource Assistant
Angelina Mario serves as Human Resource Assistant at WCS. Angelina Mauaniha Mario Pintainho, was born on 06/26/1992 in the Macomia District, in the Cabo Delgado Province. She did her pre-university education in Mocímboa da Praia and in 2017 she did her degree in Human Resources Management, from the Pedagogical University. She joined WCS in 2017, where she played the role of Logistics Manager for the East Section of the Niassa Special Reserve, in Irangue base. Now she is currently based in Mbatamila, headquarters of Niassa Special Reserve.
Elsa Maria Eusebio Ledje
Senior accountant
Elsa Maria Eusebio Ledje serves as Senior accountant at WCS. Elsa Ledje completed/trade in Accounting and Management at IEG and continued his Degree in Accounting and Auditing at ISGECOF. He has extensive experience in Administration and Finance and has worked with several projects and Donors. She worked at the Red Cross of Mozambique and later at the Provincial Council for Combating HIV/AIDS in Niassa where her experience and constant learning helped in the success of the project, performing the functions of Fund Manager and later Financial Manager. His management skills made a positive contribution to the HIV program to achieve excellent results in the area of ​​Management and Finance. It also worked with Community-Based Organizations, providing technical support, through training and supervision.
Essinate Assane
HR assistant
Essinate Assane serves as HR assistant at WCS.
Feliz Sumane Jairosse
Electrical and mechnic maintener
Feliz Sumane Jairosse serves as Electrical and mechnic maintener at WCS.
Manuel Augusto Mapie
mechanic chief
Manuel Augusto Mapie serves as mechanic chief at WCS.
Samuel Diza
Construction Manager
Samuel Diza serves as Constrution supervisor at WCS.
Simao Artur Robate Junior
Smart Assistant
Simao Artur Robate Junior serves as Smart Assistant at WCS. Simao junior, I completed my degree in forest and wildlife resources management, and the GIS course. Before that I had the opportunity to do an internship for 3 months , I had too opportunity to be a distrital coordinator and evaluator of Cuamba and Marrupa districts, I was also a field assistant in the research entitled: The value of ecosystem services in Chipanje Chetu. and finally i was survey coordinator.

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