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Jose Filimao Sitoe
Law Enforcement Officer
Jose Filimao Sitoe serves as Law Enforcement Officer at WCS.
Afonso Madope
Country Director Mozambique
Afonso Madope serves as Country Director Mozambique at WCS. Afonso Madope is a Mozambican conservation and biodiversity expert with 30 years of experience in advancing conservation initiatives throughout Mozambique, working 9 years at Office Forestry and Wildlife at the Ministry of Agriculture, first as a technical expert and later as the National Director of the Office of Forestry and Wildlife and also served as the Inhambane Provincial Director for Agriculture and as the National Director for for Conservation Areas at the Ministry of Tourism. Then helped oversee de-mining efforts in and around Gorongosa National Park through a project funded by the European Union before coordinating the Mozambique Conservation Areas for Biodiversity and Development Project, known as Mozbio, on behalf of the Ministry of Environment and Rural Development. He joined the USAID-funded Supporting the Policy Environment for Economic Development (SPEED+) Project as the Portfolio Manager for Biodiversity, where he oversaw implementation of over $11 million in conservation-related assistance to the Government of Mozambique, including support to the Prosecutor’s Office and the Supreme Court on prosecuting wildlife crime and also supported the completion of the Law of Protection, Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity (Law No. 5/2017), including key implementing regulations such as on General Regulation, Game Farm Regulation, Avifauna Regulation and the Professional Hunters Regulation as well a numerous other technical assistance activities around conserving Mozambique biodiversity resources. Madope recently joined the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) as Mozambique’s country manager, where he will oversee all of WCS activities throughout Mozambique. WCS is a US nonprofit, tax-exempt, private organization established in 1895 that saves wildlife and wild places by understanding critical issues, crafting science-based solutions, and taking conservation actions that benefit nature and humanity.
Alberto Muchanga
Intelligence Database Analyst
Alberto Muchanga serves as Intelligence Database Analyst at WCS.
Alberto Nossapia
Logistic Manager
Alberto Nossapia serves as Logistic Manager at WCS, in Niassa Special Reserve Headquarters, Mbatamila.
Americo Sarmento
HR manager
Americo Sarmento serves as HR Manager at Niassa Special Reserve. Americo Sarmento completed his degree in business management and specialization in Strategic Human Resource Management. In addition to his teaching career, Américo Sarmento began his professional career working at CFM – Port and railway company as human resource generalist. Then, from 2005 to 2014, he worked at Vale Mozambique in the human resources area where, among various duties, he was a training and development manager In 2015 he started working at CDN - Northern Development Corridor where, in addition to being responsible for the training and development process, he was also responsible for the recruitment and selection process. In 2017 until May 2019 he started to work at Heineken Mozambique where he was performance and organizational development Manager. From June 2019 to February 2020 was working and human resource consultant at Atittude and from March 2020 he started to work for WCS, based in Niassa Special Reserve.
Angelina Mario
Human Resource Assistant
Angelina Mario serves as Human Resource Assistant at WCS. Angelina Mauaniha Mario Pintainho, was born on 06/26/1992 in the Macomia District, in the Cabo Delgado Province. She did her pre-university education in Mocímboa da Praia and in 2017 she did her degree in Human Resources Management, from the Pedagogical University. She joined WCS in 2017, where she played the role of Logistics Manager for the East Section of the Niassa Special Reserve, in Irangue base. Now she is currently based in Mbatamila, headquarters of Niassa Special Reserve.
Ângelo Martins Muganiua Francisco
Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator - Niassa National Reserve
Martins Muganiua Francisco serves as Monitor and Evaluation Coordinator at Niassa National Reserve. Angelo holds Master degree in Environmental Quality from FEEVALE University (Brazil) and a degree in Biological Sciences focused in Ecology from Eduardo Mondlane University (Mozambique). He also has several training programs in environment management, health & safety, risk assessment, biodiversity, biosphere reserve, waste management, adaptation and resilience to climate change, Oil & Gas and decision making tools. Angelo is currently working for the Wildlife Conservation Society Mozambique as Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator at Niassa National Reserve. Before joining WCS, he worked at Portucel Mozambique as Sustainability Technician, where he dealt with environmental issues and some social and community aspects and also made several reports. He has 10 years of professional experience, having worked in both private and government sector and on the profit and non-profit organizations in the areas of environmental quality, environment awareness, public consultations, recovery of degraded areas, territorial planning, mining, marine turtle monitoring, environmental permitting/licensing, protected areas, waste management, environment monitoring (groundwater and surface water, dust, noise, biodiversity, ichthyology and data analysis). Angelo has a lot of experience working in rural areas of Mozambique and is highly committed to the protection of nature, environmental balance and sustainability.
Antonio Mugeque Chico Sitole
Graduated in Law on Eduardo Mondlane University and registered as a lawyer at the Mozambican Bar Association since 2008. From 2013 to 2017 he served as Lawyer and Legal Adviser at AS LEGAL CONSULTING GROUP. From 2016 to 2019 he was Legal Advisor to the City Council of Pemba in the areas of Administrative, Civil, Environmental, Land and Criminal Law. Antonio Mugeque Chico Sitole serves as Law Enforcement Lawyer at WCS since 2019.
Calisto Nrore
Calisto Nrore serves as Cashier at WCS. He began his professional career at the National Institute of Social Security (INAS) as treasurer in 2011. In 2012 he joined WCS as an electric servant. In 2015, she changed her activity to a servant at Camp Maputo in Mbatamila. From 2015 to 2017 he works as Head of the Food and Equipment Warehouse. In 2018 she starts working as a Human Resources Assistant. In late 2018, he held the position of Cash Officer in the Financial Sector and Office Material Control.
Chabane Rajabo
Procurement Manager, NNR Administration
Chabane started his career in logistics with high school where he gained passion for the area and did the first steps in his career,. In 2000 he graduated in Political History and Public Management and later completed a master's degree in Business Management Administration at Catholic University of Mozambique. In 2017 he joined WCS to serve as Procurement Manager for the Niassa National Reserve Administration.

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