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Calisto Nrore
Calisto Nrore serves as Cashier at WCS. He began his professional career at the National Institute of Social Security (INAS) as treasurer in 2011. In 2012 he joined WCS as an electric servant. In 2015, she changed her activity to a servant at Camp Maputo in Mbatamila. From 2015 to 2017 he works as Head of the Food and Equipment Warehouse. In 2018 she starts working as a Human Resources Assistant. In late 2018, he held the position of Cash Officer in the Financial Sector and Office Material Control.
Chabane Rajabo
Procurement Manager, NNR Administration
Chabane started his career in logistics with high school where he gained passion for the area and did the first steps in his career,. In 2000 he graduated in Political History and Public Management and later completed a master's degree in Business Management Administration at Catholic University of Mozambique. In 2017 he joined WCS to serve as Procurement Manager for the Niassa National Reserve Administration.
Eleutério Duarte
Eleutério Duarte serves as Assistant at WCS.
Horacio Junior de Sousa Buque
Research Officer
Horacio Junior de Sousa Buque serves as Research Officer at WCS.
Lucia Cambula
Conservation and Ecological Monitoring Officer
Lucia Cambula serves as Conservation and Ecological Monitoring Officer at WCS. Lucia Cambula holds an honour’s degree in Ecology and Conservation of Terrestrial Biodiversity in Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique. She is currently completing her Masters in Biodiversity Management and Conservation. As an ecologist and project assistant in the area of biodiversity conservation, she has a track record of working with national non-governmental organizations. Lucia is skilled in Biodiversity Research, Data Analysis, Geographic Information Systems and Social Marketing. She recently joined WCS in the Conservation Sector team of the Niassa National Reserve to assist in GIS analysis and ecological monitoring.
Naseeba Sidat
Researcher at WCS
Naseeba Sidat has Hons. degree in Marine, Coastal and Aquatic Biology from Biological Science Department, in University of Eduardo Mondlane, Mozambique. Prior to joining WCS, she started the first steps in biodiversity conservation, as volunteer and intern in Centro Terra Viva (CTV), a national NGO that work on Marine field. At CTV, she was involved in environmental education and in the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Program working on the Marine Turtle Monitoring Program. Naseeba joined WCS in early 2017, as technician for COMBO Project (Conservation, Impact Mitigation and Biodiversity Offsets in Africa), which aims to reconcile the economic development and biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services. Her passion for biodiversity conservation brings her to accept new challenges, especially in the coastal and marine area. She has a huge thirst in learning, gaining knowledge and experience in ​​biodiversity conservation.
Renato JADAO De Azevedo
LE Advisor
Renato JADAO De Azevedo serves as LE Advisor at WCS. Renato Azevedo joined to WCS in 2019.
Sebastiao Tome Saize
LE Operations
Sebastiao Tome Saize serves as LE Operations at WCS. Sebas has been with WCS Mozambique since late 2012, first as an assistant instructor in Niassa Reserve, and more recently as the Chief Scout. He previously worked at Gorongosa National Park where he was responsible for law enforcement in the wildlife sanctuary.
Silto Cristóvão
Research Officer
Silto Cristóvão serves as Research Officer at WCS.
Sonia Manjate
Sonia Manjate serves as Accountant at WCS.

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