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Burning Awareness Programme in Niassa Special Reserve

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(July 20, 2021) The Niassa Special Reserve (NSR) recently held an awareness campaign on bushfires aimed at raising the awareness of communities in the localities of Mecula, Mbamba, Lugenda and Naulala about the impact of uncontrolled bushfires on the daily lives of humans, and the impact of fires on biodiversity.  The campaign covered approximately 1,500 families, focusing on young people, honey collectors, children, adults and the elderly, and was carried out through door-to-door contacts, giving priori...


Niassa Special Reserve promotes agricultural development project

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(July 13, 2021) Niassa Special Reserve (NSR) promotes training on the use and maintenance of sustainable irrigation pumps with producers from the vegetable producer block in Lichengue village, in Mecula District, Niassa Province. Two pumps and an equal number of sprayers were allocated to the producers, with the Economic Activities Distrital Services (SDAE) partner from Mecula, as part of the livestock promotion project supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).




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