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The Project, Conservation, impact Mitigation and Biodiversity Offsets in Africa (COMBO), is being implemented in four countries – Guinea, Madagascar, Mozambique and Uganda. The overall coordination of the project falls under the Project Director, based in the UK. The goal of the project is to contribute to the establishment and implementation of effective mechanisms to avoid, reduce and compensate impacts to biodiversity and ecosystems, in order to achieve "no net loss" or a “net gain” of biodiversity, with the improvements in mitigation, particularly the last step of offsets (or compensation) generating additional funds for conservation activities. The project will do that through five components: a) development of policy and a policy framework by government that will require the use of best practices by developers and investors, b) the development of processes for data sharing and the creation of methodologies such as exchange rules and metrics that can be used to measure attainment of no net loss, c) the establishment of implementation mechanisms to deliver mitigation and biodiversity offsets over the long term, including the formation of legal and financial mechanisms, d) engagement with the private sector to promote best practices and gain lessons from implementation experience, and e) building capacity and increasing knowledge about the implementation of mitigation measures, including biodiversity offsets.

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Key Staff

Hugo Costa
COMBO Project Director - Mozambique, Maputo Office



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