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Niassa Reserve celebrates one year without a single elephant poached

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(May 29, 2019) The announcement on Monday of events celebrating Mozambique’s National Administration of Conservation Areas’ eighth birthday on Saturday, June 1, formed the backdrop for the revelation that Niassa Special Reserve, the country’s largest, is also celebrating a milestone – a year without a single elephant dying at the hand of poachers. The ANAC noted in the statement a “significant reduction in elephant poaching in the country, especially in the Niassa National Reserve...


Celebrating the World Workers Day in the Niassa National Reserve.

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(May 02, 2019) The Niassa National Reserve (NNR) celebrated World Workers' Day yesterday at a parade ceremony held at the headquarters of the District of Mecula in Niassa Province.NNR participated with 75 employees among rangers, administrative staff and senior managers.The the slogan for this year was "Our Commitment is to Promote Sustainable and Integrated Management of Natural Resources".Thus, NNR workers reiterate their commitment with civil society to continue working together to improve the conservation ...


Analysis of the report on the Strategy for the Development of Tourism in Conservation Areas

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(May 02, 2019) Dr Ebenezer Kwasi Agbley presenting the main points from his initial report on elaborating a tourism development strategy for conservation areas in Mozambique. Mr. James Bampton, WCS Mozambique participated, seen here sitting beside Mr. Cornelio Miguel, previous Warden of Niassa Reserve and currently ANAC's focal point for Transfrontier Conservation Areas, of which Niassa Reserve is one with Selous Game reserve in Tanzania.




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