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Niassa Special Reserve rangers benefit from Monitoring the Illegal Killing of Elephants (MIKE) training

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(March 22, 2023) The illegal trafficking of wild animals, plants and their derivatives poses a significant threat to many species - especially those associated with high value such as elephant ivory. The CITES Monitoring the Illegal Killing of Elephants (MIKE) Programme is a site-based system designed to monitor trends in the illegal killing of elephants, build management capacity and provide information to help range states make appropriate management and enforcement decisions. It was initiated by ...


Assessing cyclone damage in Niassa Special Reserve

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(March 22, 2023)    Following the impact of Cyclone Freddy, WCS’s Niassa Special Reserve (NSR) Chief of Operations led an aerial damage assessment on 18th March from Mbatamila Reserve Headquarters. The team flew over Ndapata, Mussoma, Dilima, Nkuti and Mbamba communities as well as Lugenda and Mariri Camps on the banks of the Lugenda River.This is one of the biggest rivers that flows through NSR and Niassa Province. Its...


WCS welcomes new staff to the Niassa Special Reserve team

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(March 10, 2023) WCS has been working to support conservation of Mozambique’s Niassa Special Reserve (NSR) with a co-management agreement in place since 2020. NSR is the country’s largest conservation area and is home to important populations of several threatened species including savannah elephants, lions, and wild dogs. It also encompasses one of the most extensive tracts of intact miombo woodland remaining on the continent and sequesters globally important volumes of carb...


Niassa Special Reserve celebrates World Wildlife Day

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(March 09, 2023) The Niassa Special Reserve (NSR) celebrated World Wildlife Day with an event held at Lichengue Community Primary School in Mecula District attended by 111 people. Participants included community members and leaders, Mecula District Services for Economic Activities (SDAE) representatives, members of the Natural Resources Management Committee and NSR Community Conservation Department staff. Highlights of the celebrations included the planting of 10 native tree ...


COMBO+ program provides training to members of civil society organizations on biodiversity impact mitigation from development projects

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(March 03, 2023) The National Directorate of Environment (DINAB) in partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the Foundation for Biodiversity Conservation (BIOFUND), through the COMBO+ Program, held between February 27 and 28, 2023 in Maputo city, a training to the platforms of civil society organizations (CSOs) on the application of the regulation of the Environmental Impact Assessment Process (Decree No. 54/2015 of December 31) and the Directive on Biodiversity Offsets in Mozambique (Ministe...




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