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Terêncio Tamele, new Warden of the Niassa Special Reserve, is received in Mbatamila

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(February 15, 2022) The Niassa Special Reserve (REN) received today its new Warden, the Chief Superintendent of Police, Terêncio Artur Tamele, in Mbatamila (NSR's headquarters) in the presence of provincial and district authorities, as well as REN staff. Warden Terêncio Tamele (on right position) receiving the ownership documents from the hands of José Sitoe, NSR Law Enforcement Manager Note that Terêncio Artur Tamele was appointed by order of the Minister of Land and Environment of the 28th of Janu...


WCS Mozambique Country Director received in audience by Niassa Governor

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(February 14, 2022) Afonso Madope, WCS Country Director, was received in audience by the Governor of Niassa, Elina Judite Edite Massengela, in the City of Lichinga, to discuss issues inherent to the Niassa Special Reserve (REN). During this meeting several issues were discussed, with special emphasis on the implementation stage of the REN co-management agreement, the insurgency situation and the resumption of community programs. Afonso Madope highlighted the mobilization of additional resources on the order o...




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